Comparing fashion market.

I divided in 3 markets – Luxury fashion, High fashion and street fashion by base on price, customer target or customer behavior just focus in Bangkok.

Luxury fashion

Place : The Emporium, Gaysorn, Erawan, Siam paragon

Target : Luxury customer

Customer behavior : Most of customer if they want to shopping luxury brand they prefer to going to The Emporium , Gaysorn , Erawan more than Siam paragon.

The Emporium , Gaysorn , Siam paragon they having almost the same luxury brand such as LV , Hermes , Celine something like that in the mean time, Erawan having in different luxury fashion style such as Lanvin , club 21 but in Siam paragon they having club 21 also but i think customer prefer Erawan more than Siam paragon.

High fashion

information base on Thai designer as 4×4 man, Sretsis , Seneda , Millin and etc.

Place : CTW , The Emporium , Gaysorn , Central Chidlom

Target : Teenage above

Price : around 5,000 – 20,000 bath.

Customer behavior : CTW is popular place for customer who want to shopping thai’s brand as Kloset , 4×4 man , Senada , Disaya, etc. in the same time, The Emporium is popular for customer also for shopping Millin , Sretsis , Victeerut , etc. However, i think Gaysorn and Central Chidlom are not quite approval for high fashion customer.

Style of these groups are depends on trend at that moment and depends on brand concept style.

Street fashion

Place : JJ market , Platinum

Target : Cheap price shopping

Price : 100 – 2,000 bath it more cheaper if buy in wholesale

JJ market is more style than Platinum. They customer behavior and style are unique the customer are clearly in their own style.

Platinum is more cheaper than JJ market. Customer prefer to shopping in their own group but Platinum fashion just follow fashion trend without style.



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