Mugler is Reborn.

Thierry Mugler or to made it short Mugler is rebirth in fashion world again with strong look. For menswear Mugler appeared their first collection in Fall 2011 menswear last year with the new look. The first men collection their used lots of different material such as  the man-made neoprene, plastic, nylon, and latex combine with the clothes they made it in excellent.

                                   Fall 2011 menswear first appeared with those look.

Spring 2012

This collection quite interesting cause it a future look However, we can wear this today but this collection got inspire from Greek god. They combine it in perfectly.

Lasted collection Fall 2012


Mugler just start 3 collections for menswear it a good start cause they did in perfectly. Mugler have a strong identity so their all over image are remarkable in Mugler way.

Image of Mugler for menswear….could i say it just suit, shirt and pant but the gimmick, detail and strong concept made Mugler having their own identity.




Important pieces of Mugler

We can’t deny that Mugler had a good start of their image they chose the right people for represent the band and those credit by Lady Gaga and Zombie boy.

Famous Videos by Zombie boy and Lady gaga. 










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