Comparing fashion market.

I divided in 3 markets – Luxury fashion, High fashion and street fashion by base on price, customer target or customer behavior just focus in Bangkok.

Luxury fashion

Place : The Emporium, Gaysorn, Erawan, Siam paragon

Target : Luxury customer

Customer behavior : Most of customer if they want to shopping luxury brand they prefer to going to The Emporium , Gaysorn , Erawan more than Siam paragon.

The Emporium , Gaysorn , Siam paragon they having almost the same luxury brand such as LV , Hermes , Celine something like that in the mean time, Erawan having in different luxury fashion style such as Lanvin , club 21 but in Siam paragon they having club 21 also but i think customer prefer Erawan more than Siam paragon.

High fashion

information base on Thai designer as 4×4 man, Sretsis , Seneda , Millin and etc.

Place : CTW , The Emporium , Gaysorn , Central Chidlom

Target : Teenage above

Price : around 5,000 – 20,000 bath.

Customer behavior : CTW is popular place for customer who want to shopping thai’s brand as Kloset , 4×4 man , Senada , Disaya, etc. in the same time, The Emporium is popular for customer also for shopping Millin , Sretsis , Victeerut , etc. However, i think Gaysorn and Central Chidlom are not quite approval for high fashion customer.

Style of these groups are depends on trend at that moment and depends on brand concept style.

Street fashion

Place : JJ market , Platinum

Target : Cheap price shopping

Price : 100 – 2,000 bath it more cheaper if buy in wholesale

JJ market is more style than Platinum. They customer behavior and style are unique the customer are clearly in their own style.

Platinum is more cheaper than JJ market. Customer prefer to shopping in their own group but Platinum fashion just follow fashion trend without style.



Designer talk, 4×4 man

I’ve been to 4×4 man headquarter for interview with Mr.Patsrun Sriluansoi, 4×4 man head designer. 4×4 man is new brand for men’s clothes, shoes or bags i quite interesting in their design just in my opinion it’s simple, unique, classic and never bored. With the classic look but men can wear it in modern time. “4×4 man is timeless fashion.”

Interview with Designer.

Where is the name “4×4 man” come from.

Popular question…We searching for the right name for a while and we need the remarkable name than the question was pop, How to make it unique and remarkable ? and 4×4 man is our answer. 4×4 is relate to the architecture in Japan, the think process are 4×4 is a cube it similar with puzzle we can make it bigger more bigger or to make it small.

When did 4×4 man begin and how.

4×4 man is just start around 2 or 3 years. CMG group ( Central ) they need a new collection for men swear they asked me to design this collection, actually it just one collection but instantly, we can stop so later it become a new brand. In the other way I don’t know this gonna famous before.

Tired sometime ?

Yes, of course if you word hard and feeling tired its mean it is important to you.

Why you chose to be a fashion designer.

I always get in touch with my cousin who made clothes when i was young i want to made clothes and i loves to made clothes since i was a kid. Basic is ” it is art ” , In high school I always went to Jatujak market ( JJ market ) to read a book such as Vogue cause at that time we don’t have internet and i brought lots of old collection of Vogue it too expensive for a new collection.

Who is your Idol or Inspiration for your work.

I notice people on the street, The different between fashion runway and fashion street are Fashion runway it been set before the show but the interesting of Fashion street is it about mix and match, used somethings we have in our closet and new things sometime it contrast but suitable this is the case study especially men swear the color, silhouette, old-new combine together.


What is the concept of 4×4 man.

Men working clothes but we are not confine on working clothes only, its including suite 4×4’s suite are quite multi purpose they can wear in day-night time or image for artist, architect and etc. The point is we trying to made suite not formal that much. We want suite can wear in every opportunity such as shirt, jean and jacket suite.




Fresh graduated, 4×4 price is not too high and they can afford it but we have 1 another item it’s expensive target for art circle people such as designer or architecture.

What is an attractive of men’s cloth.

Cutting, silhouette, color. For men swear it has less artifice we can’t add too much detail so we think about what do we have and make the effect on our customer, How to make those cutting, silhouette, size, detail are more interest. Meanwhile, Thailand is tropical country we didn’t wear suite in normally day like Italy. They changing their suite in every season in the meantime Thai people are think over when they going to buy a suite for that reason 4×4 man didn’t make our fashion in extremely fashion we’re focus on simple and easy to mix and match.



Concept of the color.

Is not quite a concept but we see on window display is relate with me. Normally i like earth tone and basic color like grey, brown, navy, black and white because i think those are suitable for asian people.

What is the inspiration for driving your work for next collection.

Depends on the situation what i attention at those time for example i watched movies King speech and W.E. those men swear at these period were attended me so i refresh it and  make it in 4×4 man style.

Design’s Identity of 4×4 man.

Every meeting with co-worker for next collection i always repeat them that 4×4 is not a extreme fashion our clothes are set in classic style cause classic is timeless and easy to wear.

What is the important thing for you to working.

Be on time.

Have any problem with your team.

No, we don’t have it but about the ideas i open my mind for a new thing i accept the new experiment.

Your experience in fashion circle what story or collection was impressive you the most. 

Every collection were impressed me.

What do you wanna see on Thai fashion in the future.

I wanna see fresh generation are ready to work in fashion business. In the mean time fashion market in Thailand is going on the same direction just like paper dolls it no something new everything are limit by market. I want to see new generation make something unique i understand about the business we have to survive but if we look back fashion doesn’t give you anything similar with fast food it doesn’t give a useful to you.

With this situation have any effect to the brand.

No, every brand has regular customer.

What is fashion on your side.

Fashion come along with lifestyle they can’t separate. Fashion  is human lifestyle such as work, hangout, daily life everything are relate so clothe is involve  in everything.

 What do you want to tell the idea for new generation.

I can see evolution in these people growing up very slow because it might from lots of comfortable tools such as internet, everything is more easier but it more think less, The think process are disappear no more ” Research ” just see on internet and used it because it easier.

A video from youtube… to make more clearly about 4×4 man style.

Mugler is Reborn.

Thierry Mugler or to made it short Mugler is rebirth in fashion world again with strong look. For menswear Mugler appeared their first collection in Fall 2011 menswear last year with the new look. The first men collection their used lots of different material such as  the man-made neoprene, plastic, nylon, and latex combine with the clothes they made it in excellent.

                                   Fall 2011 menswear first appeared with those look.

Spring 2012

This collection quite interesting cause it a future look However, we can wear this today but this collection got inspire from Greek god. They combine it in perfectly.

Lasted collection Fall 2012


Mugler just start 3 collections for menswear it a good start cause they did in perfectly. Mugler have a strong identity so their all over image are remarkable in Mugler way.

Image of Mugler for menswear….could i say it just suit, shirt and pant but the gimmick, detail and strong concept made Mugler having their own identity.




Important pieces of Mugler

We can’t deny that Mugler had a good start of their image they chose the right people for represent the band and those credit by Lady Gaga and Zombie boy.

Famous Videos by Zombie boy and Lady gaga. 









Siouxsie Sioux

I have less knowledge with 80s but this woman is very outstanding by her style and makeup so i chose her for 80s idol anyway.

One of Gothic Punk idol in 80s is Siouxsie Sioux. She was lead vocalist of the rock band called “Siouxsie and The Banshees”

Siouxsie’s style

A musical know as Siouxsie with dark fashion and unique personality. She is one of the first woman who lead in Gothic punk fashion.

With her makeup and hair style After that she became the idol of Gothic Punk style.


Her makeup got inspiration from Egypt style but to make in her way it always black color. What she did is incredible style cause she dress in Gothic punk style during makeup in Egypt inspire but at last become a siouxsie the idol of 80s.


The reason why i pick her cause she made inspiration for fashion side







Some of work that got inspiration from Siouxsie Sioux

Christian Dior Couture Fall / winter 2006

John Galliano bring Siouxsie style to Dior collection in 2006 by used Gothic Punk style and made it in Couture way.










Also makeup in Siouxsie style.


                                             Siouxsie in her fashion style

Fashion photograph by Tim Walker in Siouxsie in spiration

As we see those pictures they bring Siouxsie style to their work.I think her style affected to fashion world today it’s just a little but in a good way.

Hot or Not

women casual


Vera Wang, Liuwen and Maryna linchuk in casual style for women. I’m quite interesting in their style, chic working women look cause it’s not too sweet but still look fashion.


Betsy Johnson it’s too much color or can i say “too much outfit”

Too much….from head to toe!

Just my opinion in this outfit it has little bit some mistake.

Women Evening gown


Charlize Theron in Dior Couture.

It’s a awesome gown for me. Sweet, style and little bit chic. Nude pink dress and head band.











Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann.

Nice gown for Golden Globe night. Light blue long sleeve, long skirt and unique suit.









Cate Blanhchett in Givenchy Couture.

Even this gown from old Couture collection but it still impressive me.







Two pictures above they’re dress up like a Cabaret show…sorry





First time to see Kate Moss went wrong…This outfit! really!







Men casual


Francesco Cominelli. I am the one who interesting in his casual style with blue suit and striped shirt…Rest in Peace Francesco Cominelli.




Balenciaga Fall 2012

It pretty future casual look.









My favorite brand ” Balmain ” in Fall 2012

Just black shirt, white pant and black boots. Simple with style











Trence Koh…it’s almost in gangster look but with this white fur made it change.

Kanye West with his own style but this look his t-shirt is little bit long and he look like child wearing adult shirt.

The color are good…nice but it too much vest, scarf something like that. Have a nice fishing! sorry.

Men Evening





Givenchy Fall 2012.

I don’t know what to call this black suit or coat but with all over this image are comes together including some decoration (black star).






Tom Ford in his own brand.

Clean, simple, smooth with style. it’s so him!









Victor and Rolf Fall 2012.

Cute style. it’s nice to see this even shiny suit with bow tie and black glove. just little bit detail can change the look.














It was OK with the black suit and Bow tie but it doesn’t come together with Pink jean.








All image it is OK for but when i focus in the detail it isn’t impress me. Pant is too shiny, Dark suit with coat fur this look are not come together i think.









My favorite designer “John Galliano”

John, He did the Haute Couture in spectacular really  I love John Galliano Couture but this outfit in his collection it’s not going well…

Dress up !!

i did a crazy thing at Raffle… i dress up without any concept i just used black fabric and a hat that boomy boom found it in a library. I got two pieces of black fabric first one i tied it with a hat and second piece in tied on my body. to make it more i worn a sun glasses and put a red lipstick on my lips. it funny by the way…



why i am interesting in her ?

Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba as we know Dovima is my icon from 50’s her looks is absolutely gorgeous it’s so attractive me.

Dovima with elephants…evening dress by Yves Saint Laurent for Christian Dior modelled by Dovima spring/summer 1955. Photograph by Richard Avedon.

The legend fashion Haute Couture in Dior gown photo from 50’s period photograph by Richard Avedon, “She was the last of the great elegant, aristorcratic beauties…the most remarkable and unconventional beauty of her time.”, ” The ideal of beauty then was the opposite of what it is now. It stood for an extension of the aristocratic view of women as ideals, of women as dreams, of women as almost surreal objects. Dovima fit that in her proportions” Richard Avedon.

Dovima and Betsy Pickering. Dresses by Lanvin photograph by Richard Avedon

By her shape (very slim) it’s good for her career and her look. She knew how to post or her angle when she modeller

Dovima born in New york city in 1927 She half Polish-Irish. She was discovered by a woman who worked for Voque. She took Dovima for test shots and the next day she did shoot with Irving Penn. She was success by overnight soon she became the highest paid model in business “She was the super sophisticated model in a sophistical time, definitely not the girl next door.” Jerry Ford of Ford model. In 1955 Dovima and Avedon were created the most famous fashion photograph of all time “Dovima with Elephants” There are prints in the Metropolitan Museum, and The Museum of Modern Art.

Dovima was created a powerful image for the fifties woman she said “I began to have the idea that i was a photograph…a plastic image. I could only be myself behind the camera.” And later she was appeared with Audrey Hepburn in a movie called “Funny face” in the movie she was played only a few scenes in model name Marion. After that she decided to pursue her dream in acting by she enrolled in Lee Strasberg’s Actors studio. She appeared on The Phil Silver Show, Dr.Kildare, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, My Favorite Martian, Bewitched, The Danny Kaye Show, Kraft Suspense Theater, and The Art Linkletter Show. Despite these appearance, she never really caught on as an actor.

Dovima and Audrey behind the seen in Fanny Face

  Salvador Dali and Dovima photography by Avedon

Dovima was a model from 50’s i think she had a powerful for fashion side usually to Haute Couture and photographer. Every gowns that she worn, every photo she took by many famous photographers she always worn Haute Couture from many famous designers such as Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga or Lavin. Maybe designers chose her cause her luxury look and her unique face. Her face was look like a wax figure (First picture). So her image was affected to fashion world and women in the fifty’s also.

In 1962 she left from the modeling at 35 age Dovima said “‘I didn’t want to wait until the camera turned cruel.”